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Expertise in interactive communication

« If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse. »

Henry Ford

The company

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Klic Infosolutions was born in 2012 as the joint venture of two brothers.
The company specializes in producing and applying technological solutions for midsize and large companies.

The main objective: coach businesses to achieve their full potential.

Strategic expertise

  1. Marketing plan
  2. Strategic plan
  3. Communication tools
  4. Performance analysis

Technological expertise

  1. Web platforms
  2. eCommerce
  3. Dashboards
  4. Autonomous companies

Visual expertise

  1. Graphic creation
  2. Logo
  3. Visual supports
  4. Brand image

Our process

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Analyse the project, timeline and intended targets.


Plan the timeline and technical resources.


Design the right solution given the constraints.


Implement the solution in the business context.


Review and test performance and functions.